Reverse Circulation Drilling


Good Earth Drilling can complete RC drilling with four of our rigs. Our tracked rigs 130 and 131 offer the ability to drill to depths of 600 meters utilizing 1150CFM track mounted compressors. Angle holes are completed to exact azimuth specifications with our Novamac RC rigs. Our rigs 150 and 151 are also capable of RC drilling. They are limited to vertical only holes and 450 meter depths.



Rigs 130, 150 and 151 are all capable of coring. Good Earth Drilling Ltd. has the capability to drill 3” and 6” Wireline retrievable core samples. Our pumping equipment consists of Gardner Denver 5×6 duplex pumps as well as Gardner Denver THE triplex pumping units to ensure proper hole cleaning and ensure that we recover the most “core” possible. We anticipate very high recovery rates in both Oilsands coring as well as Coal coring fields.

Monitoring Wells


Rigs 130,131,150 and 151 are all capable of completing Monitoring wells. Our vast experience setting up monitor wells includes Piezometer installations. Wells are set up with a sand pack slotted casing and cemented back using our grout plants. We have completed monitoring wells in the Canadain Oilsands area as well as throughout Coal plays in BC and Alberta.

Geotechnical Wells


Good Earth Drilling Services Ltd. utilizes our Rigs 130, 131, 140 and 141 for Geotechnical work. We have SPT tooling as well as augers of various sizes for sampling. Augers consist of both Solid Stem as well as hollow stem.

Geothermal Wells


All of Good Earth Drilling Services Ltd. rigs are capable of drilling Geothermal Wells. No one in Alberta has drilled and set more meters of Geothermal wells than we have. WE have modified our equipment to work in tight areas that otherwise would not have been able to been completed with the novel heating process.