Truck Mounted Core Rigs

monitering-wellGood Earth Drilling has been sucessfully providing services since September 2005. Partners Steve Wipf, John Teichroeb and Jaysen Inverarity together have combined over 63 years experience in the drilling industry. Good Earth Drilling specializes in Mining, Geothermal, Geotechnical, and Water well drilling. We have coring packages suitable to drill core and deliniation projects in the Oil Sands Mineable area. Quality trained personnel ensure projects are done efficiently, and on budget. Coal deliniation and sampling have been successfully completed with our core .

Our Gefco 30K Rigs are well suited for 6” and 3” Coring as well as RC work. These rigs are very versatile in their ability to provide boreholes for many drilling types. The rigs come equipped with 900 CFM air compressors as well as Gardner Denver 5×6 mud pumps already on board. The 30,000 lb pull capacity in conjunction with the 50,000 lb mast strength will allow for drilling depths up to 600 meters with these rigs. We utilize hydraulic pipe trucks to manage pipe handling. These automated, modern drilling systems are very effective in producing consistent drilling results while providing a much safer work environment for our employees.

Rig 150 Our Rig 150 is a Gefco 30K capable of depths to 600 meters. This rig is set up to drill Core, RC, Monitoring wells, Geothermal, Water wells as well as...
Rig 151 Our Rig 151 is a Gefco 30K capable of depths to 600 meters. This rig was totally rebuilt and a new power unit put in place in 2013. This rig is set u...

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